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Purposes of Dog Training

Ok so you have a dog or puppy, they are adorable and very much loved. Now that the novelty of having a new pet begins to wear off, how in the world do you ensure that your pet will grow up being a well-mannered and behaved pet? This can be accomplished easier than you may think. Nevertheless, before we ever begin to touch upon that information we must first examine the reasons why dog training is important so that you fully understand the task ahead of you. First, you need to make sure your dog is socialized. What is socialization? That simply means that your dog is trained how to behave with different people, different situations, and sounds. To have a well-socialized dog means that they will generally not growl at new people unless they feel threatened for a very good reason. A well-socialized puppy will be a great member of the family, who is very friendly. Even dogs that are for the purpose of being a guard dog should be well socialized. The socialization is also important when … [Read more...]