Six Reasons Why We Should not Bring Our Dogs to Work

There are some companies that have specific days where dogs are welcome inside the workspace. Does it mean that they are welcomed by all? It is possible that everyone in your work environment may not be as excited about your dog coming to visit them that day. I've thought of some reasons why you should strongly consider NOT bringing your dog to work with you: 1. One or more of your co-workers may be allergic to dogs. Do you want to be the one who causes a stoppage in workflow because of your pet? You must consider that not everyone can handle an environment that contains dogs inside of it. For some allergies can lead to sickness, or in extreme cases death. Will someone die at work because of a dog, probably not, but take that into consideration. 2. Your work-space may not be conducive to animals. If you work in a small space then having a dog inside the work premises may not be such a good idea. Most dogs, even the well-trained ones, aren't going to just stay still for an … [Read more...]

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth Guide

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean through regular brushing is more important than you might think. Bones aren’t always enough to remove tartar and plaque, and bad teeth can cause many more complications beyond gum disease, tooth loss, and bad breath. Bad teeth can result in potentially fatal illness such as heart disease and kidney failure, and all it takes is a few minutes each day for brushing and a couple of scheduled appointments each year to keep your dog’s teeth clean and his gums healthy. Dental Products for Dogs Toothpaste for dogs is very different than toothpaste intended for human use. Dogs obviously are unable to rinse their mouths and spit after bushing, so toothpaste intended for dogs is gentle on the stomach. It’s available in tasty flavors such as beef and poultry, and once your dog becomes accustomed to brushing, he’ll consider the toothpaste a flavorful treat. Toothbrushes for dogs are available in the fingertip variety and the long-handled bristle variety. Fingert … [Read more...]

Purposes of Dog Training

Ok so you have a dog or puppy, they are adorable and very much loved. Now that the novelty of having a new pet begins to wear off, how in the world do you ensure that your pet will grow up being a well-mannered and behaved pet? This can be accomplished easier than you may think. Nevertheless, before we ever begin to touch upon that information we must first examine the reasons why dog training is important so that you fully understand the task ahead of you. First, you need to make sure your dog is socialized. What is socialization? That simply means that your dog is trained how to behave with different people, different situations, and sounds. To have a well-socialized dog means that they will generally not growl at new people unless they feel threatened for a very good reason. A well-socialized puppy will be a great member of the family, who is very friendly. Even dogs that are for the purpose of being a guard dog should be well socialized. The socialization is also important when … [Read more...]